Just when you thought Elicko Taieb could only work on e-cigs and real estate, he extensively diversified his portfolio. He proved to excel in the food industry by becoming a proper branding expert. Elicko showed dedication to the food industry by opening multiple restaurants in the past 20 years. He also opened many other food brands throughout South Florida and other regions.

He put his expertise to use in print advertising and online branding to promote different food networks. If you want to learn more about Elicko Taieb and what makes him a top branding expert for the food industry, you have come to the right place.


How Elicko Flourished in The Food Industry?

Elicko started investing in the food industry in 1999. During this time, he opened and managed around nine restaurants in different food courts. Every restaurant offered a different menu or focused on selling only one type of product and improving along the way. Among Elicko’s many other food ventures, some of the most innovative ones were the sub shop known as “Richeli Deli.” Another incredible venture was a cute pretzel shop called “Amazing Pretzels” as well as this ice cream store called “I Scream for Ice Cream.”

You will find these restaurants in Virginia, Washington D.C, and South Florida. Elicko always wanted all his business ventures to operate nationwide, and that’s what he did with his food ventures. This made him an expert at branding. Opening different restaurants in multiple locations across the country is not an easy job, so Taieb carefully curated a unique marketing strategy through which he was able to spread the word for all of his food ventures.

He did the same thing when it came to bringing up his other ventures, such as real estate and the e-cigarette business. Due to Elicko’s hard work and efforts in able to strategizing his food ventures, he was able to sell all the shares to his partner. By selling his shares, he gained a hefty profit and an amazing reputation.

Taieb continued to provide more yummy food choices in the industry. He was also responsible for the “Rush Hour Rotisserie Chicken.” This rotisserie chicken was famous for its yummy, juicy and freshly baked chicken served with some fantastic sides.

It is unimaginable to manage so many restaurants at once. Taking Elicko’s example, you can see how it was his mind-blowing well-curated strategies that allowed him to push forward. He created better eating facilities for people nationwide, giving them different options. This way, Taieb also gained some generous funding for a few of his food ventures, including the one with the rotisserie chicken.

Without Elicko’s branding techniques, there’s no way his food ventures would have succeeded and multiply in so many different ones. His skills in branding got him here and can surely help even a food venture.


From food ventures and real estate to E-cigarettes and more, Elicko Taieb has done it all in the best way possible and has definitely inspired upcoming entrepreneurs around the world to do the same. Branding techniques are very important, and Elicko had the best of them. Learn more about Elicko’s food ventures on https://elickotaiebfood.com/

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