Elicko Taieb is a food industry expert and serial entrepreneur with an experience of over 20 years. He has invested in many industries such as food, real estate, CBD, fitness, and more. Some of his notable achievements include a  daily deals aggregator website named Goodool.com and then the sale of its technology to generate a sizeable profit. Eli possesses a unique set of skills that have established him as an influential entrepreneur in modern industries.

However, the interesting thing about Elicko Taieb is his absolute interest in building businesses from scratch and turning them into multi-million dollar ventures within a short span of time. Of course, it isn’t possible without the extensive experience of operating in the modern business world. Moreover, Elicko has the skills to observe the most valuable business trends and seek profit potential in nearly any industry. Some of his initial startups included food shops and restaurants that were instrumental in setting him up as a prominent serial entrepreneur in the country.

About Elicko Taieb in the Food Industry

Talking about the successful ventures of Eli Taieb, it is worth mentioning that the boost to his entrepreneurial career came from his first few food shops in 1999. These were present in various states across America. He had a total of nine food restaurants and shops in the most popular malls of US food courts. The real success of these food shops and restaurants came from Elicko’s business prowess. Bear in mind that he started these businesses from scratch, and thanks to his unique ideas, these ventures were among the top-performing ones in the overly competitive food industry.

Among these nine food shops and restaurants, there were Richeli Deli, I Scream for Ice Cream, and Amazing Pretzels. These were the top-performing food ventures that Eli invested in to begin his serial entrepreneurial career. Since he had massive knowledge about marketing and the best branding techniques, he formulated a brand image uniquely for every food venture under his management. Later in the process of owning these multiple food businesses, Eli Taieb invited partners to increase the scale of his ventures. Fortunately, the partnerships were successful and led to a rapid increase in profits for all investors.

Furthermore, Elicko Taieb generously funded the Rush Hour Rotisseries Chicken business before leaving the food industry to explore business opportunities in other sectors. His generous investment was instrumental to the success of Rush Hour Rotisseries Chicken and gave confidence to the staff.

Elicko Taieb – Several Successful Business Ventures

It is surprising to see that only a small number of entrepreneurs dream about becoming serial entrepreneurs. More so, only a few can turn this dream into a reality. That is the case with Eli Taieb, who dedicated his passion, time, energy, and finance to the world of serial entrepreneurship.

It was the talent of Elicko Taieb to capture detail and profit potential in business ideas that helped him become successful in all his ventures. By leveraging his business skills and branding expertise, he achieved success in the majority of his businesses.

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