With more than 20 years of experience, Elicko Taieb has left his mark on various industries throughout his entrepreneurial life. That said, he is still contributing to the success of a number of potentially viable business ventures. After turning many different business ideas into reality, he is one of the top branding experts.

About Elicko Taieb

Elicko Taieb was initially a successful investor who was involved in numerous types of businesses around the world. Since the last 20 years, he has successfully built many business ventures, and the food industry is no exception.

In fact, Eli has been successful in turning around many food brands and restaurants by creating them from scratch and making them multi-million food industry ventures. Eli’s prime branding dominance prevails over South Florida due to his knowledge about market trends.


Despite the hurdles that new startups usually face in the highly competitive food industry of South Florida and elsewhere, Elicko Taieb made his way through his branding expertise. The credit of his success goes to his observation skills and a sharp eye for detail.

In addition to his experience and skills in print and online advertising, he serves as a critical marketing and brand awareness expert for his successful and startup companies. The successes in the food industry remain some of his notable achievements.

 But why and how did Eli Taieb turn the food industry ventures into multi-million successes? Read on to find out.

Eli as a Serial Entrepreneur in the Food Industry


Eli is a successful serial entrepreneur with an array of business ventures and profitable companies under his belt. Did you know that there are only 10 percent serial entrepreneurs among the entire entrepreneurial population? It was an accomplishment to get success from the beginning of his entrepreneurial career as a serial entrepreneur.

Moreover, talking about his food industry businesses, brands, and successful companies, Eli earned his early food industry experience during 1999. In a short period, Eli Taieb invested and began nine different food restaurants in various mall food courts but also operated them with immense expertise.

Among those restaurants and food shops are “I Scream for Ice Cream,” “Amazing Pretzels,” and “Richeli Deli.” Most of these restaurants and food shops were in different parts of Washington D.C., Virginia, and South Florida. First, Eli created a specifically unique and outstanding image for each of his companies and brands.

Following that, Eli Taieb converted the fresh startups into profitable businesses using his valuable marketing knowledge and strategies. Some of them were soon among the most competitive brands and companies in their respective industries.

Within the Food Industry

After making his new startups successful, Elicko chose to share the benefits and the responsibilities with his partners. He was confident and proud to share the fruits of his companies with his fellow entrepreneurs and earn a good reputation with hefty profits.

In later years of serving the food industry, Elicko Taieb expanded his business and founded the famous “Rush Hour Rotisserie Chicken.” Additionally, it was Taieb’s business confidence, brand strategies, and generous funding that paved the way for success for this business.

Eli’s Notable Achievements

Apart from the food industry, Elicko Taieb lent his expertise to the E-Cig industry by working with the nation’s first electronic cigarette companies like “Vaporin” and “Smoking Everywhere.” In addition, he was also able to use his marketing proficiency and business leadership to promote businesses like “Applete,” “Stingers Pest Control,” “Diamond CBD,” and “Goodool.com.

What separates Eli from other serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is his sharp eye for detail and the firm dedication to giving individualized attention specific to each industry.

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