Very few serial entrepreneurs have great achievements in all their businesses. Moreover, there are even fewer who have introduced a range of products in one industry.

Elicko Taieb is a businessman who has made his presence noticeable in all major industries like real estate, food, and e-cigarette. His marketing and branding knowledge has proved to be a key to his success in each business he established. Let’s read more to know about Eli Taieb and his work.

How Elicko Taieb Stepped In the Food Industry?

His knowledge about branding and strategic marketing, as well as his passion for starting his own venture, forced Elicko Taieb to get into the food industry. In 1999, Elicko invested in the food industry. It is important to note that it was a time when this industry was not as successful and profitable as it is today. Stepping into this business was a risk. However, with his skills, talent, and hard work, he made his mark in the industry.

He soon became successful and expanded his venture around the United States. Later, he used his experience and branding methods in other industries like the real estate and e-cigarette business. And again, Eli Taieb got successful in making his presence visible in the industry. The best part is that, in a short span of time, he gained a great profit from all his businesses. Not to mention, Elicko is a living example that hard works and efforts always pay off.

Accomplishments of Elicko Taieb


When it comes to Elicko’s accomplishments in the food industry, the list is long. After stepping into the food business, he invested in nine restaurants in different food courts of the famous malls. Each restaurant had its own specialty; some of them offered desserts for people with a sweet tooth. Others offered delicious and scrumptious meals for lunch and dinner.

Among all his food ventures, the most popular one is a shop called Richeli Deli. This place is best to satisfy your cravings with the best food in town. Elicko also cleverly targeted the people who love pretzels by introducing a superb shop known as “Amazing Pretzels.” He also established a cute and simple ice cream store called I Scream for Ice Cream. Its name is itself an example of the clever use of branding techniques. You can find these food places in Washington DC, South Florida, and Virginia.

However, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the delicious flavors of Elicko’s food shops, as Elicko Taieb has opened his business ventures in different parts of the US. It is important to note that establishing different businesses offering different products in multiple locations is not an easy task. Therefore, Eli Taieb develops amazing marketing techniques and gives equal importance, time, and effort. This helps Elicko make each business successful.

Not only this, but Taieb has also introduced one of the tastiest food. We are talking about Rush Hour Rotisserie Chicken. It is extremely juicy, rich in flavors yet balanced, and yummy. They served this baked chicken with some tremendous mouthwatering side dishes. There is no doubt that because of his well-designed and well-thought strategies, he created the best eating facilities for food lovers nationwide. Not to mention, he has given foodies different options so that they can enjoy rich flavors and satisfy their cravings.

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