Serial entrepreneurship is not for everyone, not for the faint of heart anyway…Eli Taieb is one of the few serial entrepreneurs who successfully made their name across a range of industries. He carries an experience of over 20 years and has notable achievements in many industries. In this article, we will be discussing how Elicko Taieb made his mark in the food industry by operating numerous food restaurants and shops across the US.


Eli’s food industry ventures were among the first startups of his career, which meant that he dedicated a lot of time and passion to their success. To date, the startups that paved the way for his serial entrepreneurial career success hold a sentimental value for him. Eli’s sharp eye for detail and keen observation skills made a real difference. Below, we will discuss in detail how Eli’s passion was valuable to the success of all his food shops and restaurants.

Elicko Taieb – Serial Entrepreneurship in Food Industry

The very first venture that Elicko Taieb had in the food industry was during 1999. He made his first investment in one of the most amazing food shop ideas. There were nine different food shops and restaurants under the management, leadership, and ownership of Elicko located across the US in the food courts

 of popular malls.

Some famous food restaurants include I Scream for Ice Cream, Richeli Deli, Amazing Pretzels, and more. The most important thing that helped Eli gain confidence in his food industry ventures was creating a unique image for every food shop and restaurant. Focusing on success and generating sizeable profits through partnership and marketing strategies, he was soon successful in all 9 of his food industry ventures.

When Eli invested and lent his business prowess to Rush Hour Rotisseries Chicken, he was aware of the potential that the food business had. Therefore, by improving how the business was running and making a generous investment, Eli Taieb ensured that the venture becomes successful. It is best to say that the success of Rush Hour Rotisseries Chicken was due to the confidence and support that came from Eli.

Various Profound Ventures of Eli

Elicko Taieb was on his journey to becoming one of the most prominent and successful serial entrepreneurs in the world. It is surprising how so many entrepreneurs make an attempt, but only a few achieve the dream of becoming a serial entrepreneur.

The involvement of Eli Taieb in various industries speaks for his success as a serial entrepreneur. Aside from the food industry, where he leveraged his business prowess and entrepreneurial potential, Eli has scored in other industries.

What Elicko Taieb did for his electronic cigarette venture, and vaporizer business also depicts the qualities of firmness, dedication, competency, and accountability from his end.


Eli remains to be a famous entrepreneur. He is well-known among his peers, friends, and colleagues. One thing you should know is becoming a serial entrepreneur takes time, patience, knowledge, and research. Other notable ventures of Eli are in different industries such as CBD, fitness, daily deals aggregation, e-cigs, vaporizes, and more.

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