Elicko Taieb never missed an opportunity when it came to nurturing potentially successful businesses in different industries. When considering Eli’s ability to promote the growth and operations of a startup, he was quite enthusiastic about the food industry. The prime reason for his enthusiasm revolves around how his career began. Eli started in the retail food industry in the US. But today, he has the experience of operating in over ten different industries. These include e-cig, real estate, and daily deals aggregator. 

Finding a serial entrepreneur with the same excellence, mindset, and dedication as Eli Taieb isn’t easy. The man has a business mindset that complements his experience, passion, and sheer will to achieve great feats in any industry. Eli’s eye for detail and the ability to detect potential in business ideas have led to the success that he enjoys today. So, how did he move from the retail industry to others?

Retail Food Solutions: Beginning in the Serial Entrepreneurial World

Elicko has the experience of being in the entrepreneurial world of over twenty years. Surprisingly, Elicko Taieb has been investing in and operating several businesses since 1999, when he was still young. This stage was when he entered the business world as an entrepreneur with great ambitions. Eli’s first target was the food industry. He opened up a chain of nine retail food outlets and different restaurants.

He operated throughout the US in states like Washington DC, South Florida, and Virginia. More importantly, he chose the most popular food courts and malls to start up his food business. Eli Taieb began with shops and restaurants, including Amazing Pretzels, I Scream for Ice Cream, and a popular shop named Richeli Deli. 

He was able to achieve success through his remarkable intuition in various areas of marketing, including brand creation and business consultancy. With time, he even gained the experience required to become a notable business advisor as well.

Elicko Taieb also offered generous seed investment capital to a declining restaurant called Rush Hour Rotisserie Chicken. Combined with the seed funding, Eli provided his exemplary business skills to ensure the success of this declining restaurant. Soon after Eli’s input, the brand became profitable and maintained its success through his support.

Follow-Up Business Ventures of Elicko Taieb

By reviewing all the notable achievements of Elicko Taieb, you will better understand his business capabilities and excellence. Eli keeps searching for business ventures that bring success and profit. For businesses that weren’t even close to victory, Eli worked hard to ensure their prolonged success in the market. He was even able to help them stay as major competitors in their respective industries. 

Keeping that in mind, Eli invested and operated in several industries. Some of his most famous businesses include electronic cigarettes, pest control, and CBD. Eli Taieb formulated every strategy with individualized attention and goals for the specific business venture that he was operating. 


It is not hard to come across the many achievements of Elicko Taieb when you dig into his business history. He has been a highly successful businessman who left his mark in a handful of industries. Eli was even able to make it big without suffering losses in any of his business ventures. Even now, he continues to find businesses that require consultancy and seed investment. 

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