The food industry is among the prime achievements of Elicko Taieb business entrepreneurship. He began his serial entrepreneurial career without hesitating like most other entrepreneurs. He was a risk-taker initially, but his knowledge and the ability to note market trends allowed him to amass sizeable profits. Through those profits, Eli expanded his businesses across various industries and kept o increasing his fortune. From the real estate market of South Florida to the daily deals aggregation business Goodool.com, Eli Taieb has the experience of dealing in several types of businesses.

However, the startup of his career is one of the most interesting parts of his journey. Somehow, he managed to own and run nine different food shops and restaurants across the US. This allowed him to generate profits, get investors, and start partnerships for other ventures. Let’s learn how he became a branding expert in the food industry.

Elicko Taieb – 9 Food Shops and Restaurants

The serial entrepreneurial career began in 1999 when Eli Taieb started nine different food shops and restaurants. These food ventures were running in the most populated and popular food courts of famous malls in the US. Some of those included “I Scream for Ice Cream,” “Amazing Pretzels,” and one of his seed investments, “Richeli Deli.” While those were among the most notable ventures, Eli kept increasing his control in the food industry by opening additional food restaurants and shops.

The restaurants were strategically spread throughout the populated states, including Washington, South Florida, and Virginia. He not only invested and managed the food businesses but also provided branding expertise. He’s an educated individual aware of various facets of owning and running a business. For that reason, Eli Taieb was quick to realize the importance of branding and marketing for his food shops. Once the businesses were up and running profitably, he invited partners to expand the operations.

This generated sizeable profits and a positive reputation among peers. Furthermore, Elicko Taieb came across Rush Hour Rotisserie Chicken. It was a struggling food business that had restaurants running in the US. Eli Taieb saw the potential in the business, and shortly after reviewing the needs, he invested in it. Apart from the generous funding to keep the business alive, he offered marketing and branding expertise as well.

Elicko Taieb – Exploring Different Industries

It appeared as if Elicko Taieb never rested and rather kept on searching for more business ventures to invest in. Although he began his entrepreneurial career in 1999 with nine different food shops, he soon entered other industries. He owned many notable companies, including a pest control service business and a home inspection company in South Florida.

He also co-founded Applete with the help of one of his peers in the fitness industry. Eli Taieb always used his branding expertise and marketing techniques to take his ventures to greater market success. Exposing his business and brand to customers wasn’t a big deal because he carried a powerful skill set for marketing.


In short, Eli Taieb did something that most serial entrepreneurs dream about. He owned and ran multiple businesses at once, which existed cross-industry! He became one of the most profitable serial entrepreneurs around. His ventures extend to CBD, food, real estate, e-cig, and fitness industry.

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