Do you know that only a small fraction of entrepreneurs are successful through their first few multi-million dollar ventures? Among those successful entrepreneurs, the number of successful serial entrepreneurs is even smaller. And to top that, an extremely tiny portion of such serial entrepreneurs are successful businessmen across different industries. So, who are these brilliant people, and who’s the most noticeable figure in this domain? Well, Elicko Taieb stands as one of the most influential serial entrepreneurs in the US.

Coming into the business world with nothing more than education and a passion, he soon became a profitable businessman in the food industry. Although it marked the beginning of Eli’s serial entrepreneurship career, he became quite popular in the said industry. Here’s what you should know.

Serial Entrepreneurship – Starting in the Food Industry

In 1999, Elicko Taieb thought about investing in multiple food businesses. Within the same year, he planned and operated multiple food ventures in the United States. He was becoming a popular business figure with nothing more than a simple education and a passion for propelling him forward. He quickly realized the popular food businesses in the industry and quickly made investments to capitalize on the available opportunities. Interestingly, he was quite young when he made his debut as a successful businessman. This is despite being surrounded by numerous older adults running their own ventures in the food industry.

But, rather than getting intimidated, he trusted his ability to spot great opportunities and invested in nine different food ventures in the United States. All of them were different food companies and businesses spread throughout food courts in the most popular malls of the United States, including Virginia, South Florida, and Washington DC. Some of the most popular restaurants under his ownership included Richeli Deli, Amazing Pretzels, I Scream for Ice Cream.

Since he started out in one of the most lucrative and growing industries in the US at the time, he also gained an immaculate level of experience as a businessman. Gaining prowess and marketing skills came in handy when he had to advertise and brand his food shops and restaurants. He also saw a popular food restaurant that was struggling due to poor leadership, lack of funding, and other issues. He instantly invested in Rush Hour Rotisseries Chicken and helped the food business become stable again. 

Elicko Taieb – The Start of a Business Era

In simple words, Elicko Taieb wasn’t concerned about failures. Rather, he was focused on the successes that were to follow. He is an excellent businessman with a range of entrepreneurial skills and a success-oriented mindset. While he started in the food industry as an ordinary entrepreneur with exceptional skills, he quickly turned out to be a serial entrepreneur when he turned his attention to other industries. Some of his follow-up business ventures include industries like South Florida’s real estate market, e-cig, CBD, and pest control. 


Eli Taieb never bothered to turn away from a profitable and lucrative business opportunity. Rather, he was always willing to explore and maximize his exposure to different industries. Nevertheless, the beginning of his journey towards starting businesses and operating multiple businesses in the US came from the food industry, where Elicko Taieb became an expert within a short time.

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